The Best Places to Eat in North Austin TX

Austin TX is one of the best places to explore for any foodie out there. There is so much to try, that food is its own attraction here. There’s everything from classic barbecue to funky fusion places. Here is a full day's worth of vegan eats that our North Austin TX chiropractors say you should definitely check out no matter your diet preferences.

Breakfast in Austin TX

Let's start off with breakfast. Fat Cats is one of the best coffee shops in North Austin TX. Everything they offer is 100% vegan. In the mornings they offer waffles for breakfast, with different options for toppings and flavors. Their pastries are to die for, you could never tell that were vegan. I personally love their blueberry donuts. My go to coffee order is their cafecito cubano which is similar to a mexican latte. The cinnamon just compliments the flavor of their coffee so well. Pro tip - choose oat milk, it’s the one that will froth the best. Not to mention if you are a cat lover, this is a place where you can enjoy all their cute and funky cat art. If you are looking for something sweet and to cool off instead they also have some awesome ice cream. Moving on to lunch.


If you love Mexican food, then you should definitely check out Mr. Natural they are 100% vegetarian but they do have vegan options. Lunchtime is when you get the best bang for your buck and they have a variety of options out and specials. Their gorditas are glorious and so filling you only need one. Their agua frescas are so refreshing as well. The cool thing about Mr. Natural, is that if you need a cake or a dessert for an event they've got you covered. Mr.Natural also has a little grocery section, be sure to try their pastries.

If you still have some more room for dessert, head on over to Sweet Ritual. All of their ice cream is made in house and is so creamy. They change up their flavors often so you can keep going back and try some new every time. Their have options for a wide variety of dietary needs, like Vegan, Allergies, Keto & Paleo, something for everyone. Sweet Ritual believes in caring for the environment, so everything they use to serve their ice cream is made from compostable materials. Talk about guilt free! Also be sure to be insta ready, this ice cream parlor is pretty cute. Hands down their ice cream is way better than regular ice cream.


Now for dinner, you have to go to Arlo’s. Their all vegan food trucks are stationed outside of different bars. So you can go hangout, listen to great music, grab a drink and head over for a burger. You can choose to do those things in any order, because they don’t close until 2am. My go to is their Mac N Cheeze Bacon Burger with sweet potato fries. Mmmm it's so good and filling! They also have other creative burgers and tacos. It's not a bad way to end the night.