Let Your Tastebuds Explore North Austin TX

Austin TX is a booming city with so much to offer. Here are a few places your North Austin TX Chiropractor recommends you should let your taste buds explore.

Chinatown Center in Austin TX

Conveniently located on N. Lamar, Austin TX’s Chinatown Center is one of the places where we experience some of Asia's culture. If you are in need of a snack, the Texas Bakery’s pork buns will hit the spot, they are warm and fluffy. If you are looking for an inexpensive lunch be sure to check out Baguette House & Cafe, my go to is their Tofu Banh Mi (a Vietnamese sandwich). Chinatown is filled with other shops, restaurants, salons and a supermarket.  Don’t forget to join the community’s festivities during the Chinese New Year.

99 Ranch Market

Another cool spot is the 99 Ranch Market where you can grocery shop, eat authentic chinese food, drink boba tea and delicious pastries.

Fat Cats, Epoch and Ding Tea

If you want to chill at cool cafe with great beverages checkout Fat Cats (which is 100% vegan btw), Epoch, and Ding Tea.

Tropicana and Chago’s

If you are a lover of latin food, I have the perfect spots for you. For my island lover there is the Tropicana and Chago’s which are both on N. Lamar as well. Tropicana is a cuban restaurant that doesn’t disappoint, their Tropicana plate is the best way to try a little bit of everything. Chago’s is Puerto Rican spot that takes me back to my childhood days in New York City. Even though you will spend a little bit more here their Jibaritos, Sancocho or anything on their menu will not let you down. For the pupusa lovers out there, Pupuseria Usuluteca is the spot to get those Salvidorian staples. Like most of these places everything they offer is fantastic.

Austin Tex-Mex

Let's talk Tex-Mex (well Austin Tex-Mex), Chuy’s is so good. This place is a perfect representation of what it means to an Austinite. Their fried avocado is unmatched (trust me I’ve looked) and their flan is 100% on point. Be sure to bring a camera because this place eclectic style is definitely unique.

Now get into Mexican cuisine, now Mexican food in Austin TX in very unique to traditional mexican food since we are located in Texas. Let's start off with Mi Tradición, which is a bakery and cafe. This place smells amazing as soon as you walk in. They have a good variety of pan dulce (sweet bread) to choose from and their cafe meals use blue corn masa for their handmade tortillas. Put the item that will take the cake (pun intended), is their tres leches cakes. Hands down one of the best tres leches you find, cool thing they have an assortment of flavors to choose from. Some other spots where their tortillas are hand made are Papalote and Veracruz All Natural. The flavor of their food speaks for themselves.

Dan’s Hamburgers

Now if you have a hankering for a good burger, Dan’s Hamburgers is the place for you. Dan’s looks just like a 1950’s dinner and they have nice juicy burgers for an awesome price. Be sure to add the hickory sauce, get a side of curly fries and don’t forget the shake. And there you have it, enjoy your food coma.